Additional information for car charging


  1. Q: What are the expected costs?
    A: At this early stage we only have industry average costs.  Nothing specific for our building until we have more information so we can get quotes.   The HOA’s costs are expected to be less than $1000 per unit to provide additional power capacity to a central garage distribution point.   It is expected to be under $5K to get a charger installed in your parking place.  Less during the initial install when contractors are already onsite.
  2. Q: What is the KOIN tower commercial side considering?
    A: The KOIN tower is exploring adding a couple of public charging stations in the public side of the garage.  These will be standard public chargers available to anyone for charging fees and parking costs.  There are also some standard wall plugs for slow charging on the commercial side.
  3. Q: Why coordinate with KOIN Tower commercial side?
    A: A partnership with the KOIN Tower commercial side provides a rare opportunity to access additional power for electric vehicle chargers.  Without KOIN tower commercial involvement, we do not have any way to get additional power to our garage.   In multiple years of exploration, this is the first time there is a viable plan to get additional power to our garage.  
  4. Q: Where will the charger be installed?
    A: The chargers on the residential side will be dedicated to a parking spot.   Each owner that wants a charger will have to pay to get one installed at their existing parking place.   All the residential chargers will be identical so they can automatically coordinate their power usage.    There will NOT be a shared parking space for changing in the residential side of the garage.
  5. Q: How are these chargers different than other chargers I have seen?
    A: The chargers on the residential side will be different from the commercial and public chargers you see with displays and user buttons.   The charger for the residents will be similar to chargers installed in single-family homes with just a small box mounted to the wall and a charging cord.  Our chargers would be specialized for a multi-family installation with features to coordinate power use.   Our chargers would likely not be fast charging until late evening (after peak day and evening usage), but would charge all cars overnight.
  6. Q: What specific chargers are being investigated?
    A: Level 2, 208V, 32A, dedicated charger with multistation power-sharing.  For example charger from CoRe+ PS (AddEnergie), CPF25 (ChargePoint), VariableGrid (IBX). These would charge a high-performance car (Tesla, Audi,  etc) overnight.  Estimated charging times can be found in EV-charging-times.pdf (  These times are for full charge from empty to full and assume no power sharing is needed.  




There is an opportunity to partner with the KOIN tower commercial side to bring additional power to the basement for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging.   A partnership with the KOIN Tower commercial side provides a rare opportunity to get additional power for electric vehicle chargers and lower our costs.   We are still early at the feasibility and planning stage and want to gauge homeowner interest.   

The early planning assumptions are:

  • The HOA would provide a new high power electrical service to our private parking garage on B3.
  • A charger could be purchased and installed at owner’s expense at your parking place for your exclusive use.
  • Power usage would be billed back based on your usage.
  • The chargers are Level 2, 208V 32A, “fast chargers”.  They are special multi-family chargers designed to split available power fairly across multiple cars.
  • The commercial side will have priority charging during the day, and the residential chargers would have priority overnight.

Please answer the following questions:

Are you interested in getting an Electric Vehicle charging at your parking place on B3

  1. Yes, in the initial wave (cheapest)
  2. Yes, likely in the next 5 years
  3. Yes, in the future, but unlikely in the next 5 years
  4. Not interested at this time

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Do you feel this is a good project for the HOA to provide this capability.

  • Yes
  • No

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Please reach out to Mark Myers #2904 with questions and comments.